Large free deck space with under deck void space – flexible and optimised for equipment and cargo.

The vessels have a large working deck of 1,925 sq. m for efficient and flexible use of different installation equipment and cargo – such as vertical lay system, carousels, tensioners, product reels and firing lines for both pipe lay and well intervention equipment.

In addition, a unique under main deck void space allows for efficiency in preparation of operations, during operations and in re-installations after operations. The void space provides easy access to the under-deck structure without damaging underlying tanks or equipment and thus especially minimises mobilisation and demobilisation costs.

The flexibility of the vessels allows you to meet changing markets without expensive reconstruction.



Energy efficient crane enabling maximum reliability and uptime.

The 400 t rope luffing knuckle boom crane will improve your offshore operation by reducing unscheduled downtime. The fully heave-compensated crane combines the advantages of a regular knuckle boom crane with the advantages of a traditional fixed-boom crane. Furthermore, there are dual chairs in the operator shack, enabling on the spot training and sensitive lift supervision.

All major equipment, such as the primary hoist winches and the slew drives, is installed inside a closed crane house or below deck where it is protected from the marine environment.

The crane is based on key technology and fully electrically driven with frequency controlled drives and therefore uses fewer components than hydraulic driven cranes. Due to separate systems, the electrically driven crane can – contrary to a hydraulic crane – operate even if half of the equipment should be damaged. This reduces the required amount of maintenance, is less energy consuming and creates a higher reliability level and uptime.

    Pay Load at water depths:

  • 1,000 m
    377 t
  • 2,000 m
    297 t
  • 3,000 m
    217 t


Providing opportunities for more complex moon-pool operations.

The enlarged moon-pool with the dimensions 8.4 m x 8.4 m, is installed in the centreline of the vessel, making it accessible from the main deck. This offers the possibility to deploy large objects through the moon-pool and thus in a protected environment under harsh weather conditions – maximizing uptime and customer value.

Easier maintenance and more reliable operation under rough weather is also assisted by a splash damping system which reduces wave and water splash during operation. Moreover it is possible to install a top and bottom hatch that can keep the moon-pool dry during vessel transit and when the moon-pool is not in use. Various arrangements can be made to perform lifts through the moon-pool, both with the vessel’s 400 t crane and its 100 t crane.

A second moon-pool of 4.8 m x 4.8 m also equipped with a splash damping system is installed in the vessel’s ROV garage to enable operation in a protected environment. In addition, a second ROV can be launched over ship side.



Modern single cabin accommodation allowing for optimum comfort and rest.

As an offshore service supplier, Maersk Supply Service appreciate that the people on board are crucial for ensuring safe, reliable and high quality performance. An environment that provides optimal comfort and rest whilst enabling teamwork plays a key role in ensuring this.

We have therefore carefully listened to the feedback of our crews, subcontractors and customers when designing the accommodation on board. This is why we offer modern safe accommodation for up to 120 persons in single bed cabins catering for increased expectations of the offshore employees and business partners.

Furthermore, the vessels are equipped with comfortable recreational facilities, including day rooms, lounges and gymnasium. We provide fully networked communication and entertainment system and good design for optimal working and leisure conditions. Maximum noise and vibration reduction levels comply with COMF-V(2) and C(2) requirements.

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Four Subsea Support Vessels

Delivery 2017 - 2018

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Highly flexible state of the art Subsea Support Vessel to meet the requirements of our customers
– today and in the future

A stable platform for challenging offshore operations

With a growing need for subsea work in increasingly deep waters in the offshore industry, the four new subsea support vessels from Maersk Supply Service are rated for advanced operations in water depths of up to 3,000 m. The versatile vessels provide a flexible platform for the challenging offshore operations in rough weather and deep water.

Our primary objective is to offer high quality vessels with safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions optimised to individual customer needs – we provide opportunities and maximum uptime for our customers.

Flexible solutions to your specific operational demands

The vessels offer a large 1,925 sq. m free deck space flexible and optimised for equipment and cargo, an enlarged moon-pool enabling more complex operations, a 400 t active heave compensated energy efficient crane, and 120 modern single cabins to meet increased requirements to comfort level.

In addition, the fully diesel electric propulsion, fixed pitch thrusters and main propellers enable the vessels to operate in not only DP2 but also DP3 mode under all conditions, always creating the required thrust and without idle loss.

The vessels are also equipped with a well-developed back-up system, making safe operation possible under extreme conditions and in rough weather. Specifically the vessels have ERN: 4x99, the highest grading.

Cost efficient quality

The vessels are platforms that have been constructed with a clear view to be adaptable to your specific needs without unnecessary equipment and unnecessary capital costs.

Using only fixed pitch propellers and frequency drives and applying hull treatment minimises energy consumption to enable fuel savings.

Delivery of the first vessel is expected in the first quarter of 2017


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Work Scopes

  • Oilfield infrastructure installation work
  • Well service/scale squeeze work of live wells
  • Flowline and riser installation using vertical lay tower
  • Decommissioning of sub surface infrastructure